In order to honor a heritage there's no need to reinvent the wheel. But you might as well put on some new tires. That is something Honeyboy Slim had in mind when he summoned his Bad Habits to embark on the musical journey that is Honeyboy Slim & the Bad Habits. Spawned out of the remains of the traditional blues trio Jacob & the Jackals and enhanced with the addition of the punky rock 'n' roll duo Five Finger Discount, the quartet's sound is based in the classic rhythm 'n' blues of the fifties and early sixties and lifts off from there. Big beat, greasy guitars and gritty vocals!

-Tomas Lundström, Friend and Writer


Drums: Honeyboy Slim
Electric bass guitar: Sven Andersson
Guitar / Vocals / Percussion: Josef Steinvall
Guitar / Vocals / Percussion: Jacob Steinvall






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